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Welcome to The Real News project



  "The real news" was a bilateral Youth Exchange aimed at fighting stereotypes by discovering how media manipulation works in Romania and France, what are the real values of the two societies and how European citizenship is really perceived by both nations.

All these were collected in this web tool which we invite you to use in your work for preventing the above-described phenomena from evolving in an even more negative way, with important consequences regarding the sense of European values in each country.

25 youngsters were involved in the project for 12 days. Objectives of the project included exchanging experience and information regarding values of each society which can oppose the stereotypes created by media, identifying ways in which manipulation trough media works in both countries, creating short videos to raise awareness on this, identifying the most important characteristics of European citizenship with respect to the topic of discrimination and xenophobia and creating informational materials to raise awareness on this.

This European project is the continuation of the project that we made last year. Now, in 2013, the French group rejoined the Romanian group in its  country, in the city of Drăgăneşti-Olt a little town in the south of Romania, located at 150km of Bucarest.

If you want to discover the progress of our project look at the daily notebook.

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